January 4, 2018

Bemused news anchor forced to evacuate live on air after fire alarm sounds off

A news broadcast in England was forced off air prematurely after a fire alarm sounded midway through a report.

Independent television’s (ITV) News at Ten was cut short in dramatic circumstances, with anchor Tom Bradby keeping a cool head as he explained what was happening to viewers.

“As you can probably tell, we have a fire alarm,” Bradby said.

“We’re not quite sure what to do about it, so I’m really, really sorry about this but I’m afraid we have to evacuate the building.”

“I really apologise.”

The program was reportedly off air for ten minutes, before the broadcast returned.

No one was harmed.

An ITV spokesperson said, “We apologise for the interruption during the live broadcast of News at Ten this evening due to a fire alarm in the building.

“All staff were safely evacuated according to fire drill procedures.”

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