January 1, 2018

Charlie Pickering made this unbelievable gaffe live on-air seconds before the new year

Well, that’s one way to send off the year.

ABC personality Charlie Pickering has been forced to apologise after he made an embarrassing gaffe while presenting the network’s countdown to 2018 on New Year’s eve.

The host of The Weekly claimed that NYE was the only time it was “okay to kill a police officer”.

Immediately recognising his mistake, Pickering corrected himself, explaining he had really meant NYE was the only occasion it was okay to “kiss a police officer”.

Soon after, Pickering took to Twitter to clear the situation up.

“Thanks to everyone for watching #NYEABC tonight,” he wrote.

“Apologies for the slip of the tongue at the end. And a big shout out to all of the police keeping us safe tonight.”

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