October 30, 2017

Louis Theroux hilariously parodies a Twitter bot which parodies him

If you didn’t love Louis Theroux before (what’s wrong with you?), then you probably will now.

The celebrated creator of documentaries – which are often based on people most others would probably hate to spend time with in any other context – became the king of the internet briefly after encountering a joke account.

Twitter user Louis Theroux Bot, which has more than 38,000 followers, is dedicated to spewing out nonsensical voiceovers that one might expect from the journalist.

And one in particular even caught the eye of Theroux himself.

So much so, in fact, that he decided he would film himself saying the ridiculous line and post it on Twitter if a) it got enough interest and b) he could figure out how to do so.

Thankfully, after a few hitches, the universe got just what it needed.

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  1. Ryman White says:

    Love Louis.

  2. Merry Martin says:

    Why is my geographic area (Austin) restricted from viewing your videos?

    • Riordan Lee says:

      Hi Merry, we’re an Australian site so because of international copyright restrictions, unfortunately, we can only make it available to Aussies 🙁