November 1, 2017

This poor Aussie bloke just lost $450k on a game show for getting the NZ capital wrong

Channel 7’s new game show The Wall has received a mixed reception, but it’s already paid dividends in terms of embarrassing moments.

In the second episode, husband and wife team Jess and Lee built up more than $465,000 of potential winnings up to this point in the show.

But it when Lee was asked to name the capital city of Zealand that it all unravelled for the Australian couple.

In this part of the game, the contestant ‘in isolation’ has to answer a question while their partner looks on.

Jess had the option to double their bet based on the difficulty of the question, and she immediately did so after she saw what she thought was an easy one. I mean, we all know the capital of New Zealand, right?

Apparently not. It quickly became obvious Lee had absolutely no idea when he started leaning towards Christchurch, while Jess desperately begged him to choose Auckland.

You can imagine their embarrassment when it was revealed they were both wrong, with the correct answer, of course, being Wellington.

As a result, they missed the chance to earn up to $2 million dollars and ended up losing all $465,407 they had earned so far.

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