October 30, 2017

Stephen Colbert calls out Ivanka Trump for not understanding words

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been on an absolute tear when it comes to slamming the Donald Trump administration.

Since Trump took office Colbert has pulled no punches in his scathing monologues and is not holding back when it comes to the President’s daughter either.

On Thursday night, Colbert turned his sights to Ivanka, noting that although she is often praised for her poise and intelligence, she “doesn’t know what words mean.”

He then went on to catalogue her abuses of the English language, starting with her use of words such as “relative” and “complicit”.

“You’d think she’d know how to use “relative” since her whole career is on a relative basis,” the host quipped.

Colbert also noted that Ivanka also seems to struggle with time too, wishing her son a happy birthday after he turned just eight months old.

The host concluded by giving Ivanka a little pep talk using phrases she might understand such as “Ivanka rises at the apex of sunshine and does a lot of good on a relative basis.”

Naturally, he ended by wishing her a happy birthday.

Sadly, it’s no mystery where Ivanka learnt how to butcher the English language.

As Ivanka might say, “the apple doesn’t architect itself far from the tree”, folks.

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