January 10, 2018

Thailand’s PM just trolled the life out of the media using a cardboard cutout of himself

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-ocha, left the press bemused after he directed any questions about “politics or conflicts” to a cardboard cutout of himself.

The incident seems to be on par with Obama’s 2016 mic drop, until you remember that Mr Prayuth is a former army general who seized power in a political coup and has since been criticised for his repressive policies.

The Thai PM is no stranger to disrespecting the media, either. On one occasion, he grabbed a cameraman by the ear, and he once threw a banana peel at a reporter.

Regardless, the cardboard cutout stunt is at least somewhat amusing, and saves Mr Prayuth from talking about something he doesn’t really know about. If only certain other world-leaders would do the same.

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