November 1, 2017

US television host passes out live on air after overheating in Halloween costume

Audiences for The Wendy Williams Show may have known their host was doing a Halloween special, but they didn’t expect to get a proper fright.

Dressed in a State of Liberty costume, the 53-year-old introduced the “How You Doin'” segment and was about to highlight her favourite Halloween costumes of the year before faltering slightly and slurring her words.

She tried to continue, but it was obvious something wasn’t quite right and she paused with a blank stare into the camera.

At this point, it’s really hard to tell what exactly is going on. Is she having a stroke? Could this be some bizarre stunt?

You can hear the audience murmuring, and we’re pretty sure one even laughs – no one has any idea what’s happening.

Williams then stumbles back, looking more terrified than anything, and falls straight to the floor.

We see producers rushing to her side just before the director cuts to a commercial, leaving everyone with a real-life Halloween scare.

Thankfully, Williams returned to the stage looking alive and well. She explained a combination of dehydration and a really hot costume had made her feel overheated and caused her to pass out.

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