November 9, 2017

Louis Theroux trying to speak Aussie slang is the most pure thing to ever happen

If you needed a highlight of your day/week/year/life, this is it.

Louis Theroux, everyone’s number one crush (don’t lie), caught up with Julia Zemiro for a BBC Worldwide “Slanguage” session.

The chosen words are pretty ancient and there are plenty that they missed, but the handful Louis does try and decipher have given us life.

The master documentary filmmaker bumbles through them with his disarming, cordial British charm and we’re literally melting. Seriously, help.

His definition of “dinky-di” is particularly amazing.

It’s all ahead of his latest feature-length documentary, Heroin Town, which is set to hit cinemas on November 17.

You can also catch his newest TV documentaries from November 21 on BBC Knowledge. Neat!

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