October 20, 2015

Angry rattlesnake knocks a GoPro into a terrifying snake pit

Warning: you may feel phantom rattlesnakes slithering up your legs after watching this video. Michael J. Delaney has given us all nightmares (thanks, Mike) for uploading one of his GoPro videos onto YouTube that shows his camera checking out a bunch of rattlesnakes in the middle of the desert. It’s all fun and games as the rattlesnakes angrily strike at the camera, but then one overly zealous snake knocks the GoPro off its stick and the camera falls into the rattlesnake den. Yikes! Try watching this video without gasping or jumping — I dare you!

To retrieve his camera, Michael used a hockey stick he had nearby. Oh, and he had to clean the camera of all the venom before using it again. Ugh.

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