June 8, 2018

Cate Blanchett’s ‘trainwreck’ US interview is the best thing we’ve ever seen

Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett completely derail an interview with their own adorable shenanigans in their most recent interview for the press tour of Oceans 8.

Despite being known for their much more serious performances on screen together for the film Carol, the two actresses could barely keep it together as they kept laughing through the entire interview on the “Today” Show.

Blanchett attributed this to being awake since 4am, but it is clear to see that the two easily bounce off each other when it comes to cracking jokes.

They proceed to have some fantastic back-and-forth banter as they remark on each other’s style, as well as the various accolades that they each have (Cate Blanchett has two Academy awards, Paulson has one Emmy).

Their hilarious antics has the interviewer laughing to the point of almost crying, and it is adorable.

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