May 24, 2018

The Chaser filled an entire Melbourne tram with coffee cups to make a bloody good point

The Chaser has previously declared War On Everything, but now they’ve narrowed their focus to all the junk we throw out.

While it might not be quite as red-hot as that time they infiltrated APEC dressed as Osama Bin Laden & Co, their latest stunt is certainly more important.

Australia is one of the highest per capita producers of waste in the world.

Every year we burn through 18 million tonnes of waste, kill over 100,000 birds, seals, whales and turtles, and use enough plastic bags to stretch around the world 24 times.

So it’s high time that we try to put significant effort into reversing this pretty disturbing trend.

Craig Reucassel from The Chaser has taken on this burden himself with his three-part series, War On Waste.

While the show’s airdate is yet to be announced, we’ve gotten a sneak peek into the shenanigans you can expect.

Melbournians got a bit of a shock yesterday as one of their beloved trams (we get it, you have amazing public transport) were filled to the brim with disposable coffee cups and driven around the city.

Every 30 minutes, 50,000 coffee cups are dumped in a landfill – enough to fill a whole tram. That’s 52 trams a day across Australia, just because we’re too lazy to get a Keep Cup.

Photos of Craig screaming at passers-by on a megaphone have been circulating across Twitter, but we’ll have to wait for the premiere to cop the full version of the stunt.

In the meantime, buy yourself a reusable coffee cup made out of durable plastic – you can get them from here, or here, or here!

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