August 9, 2018

CNN reporter sneaks in many cow puns in a story about a herd of cows trapping a fugitive

A video has become viral after helicopter footage was captured of a herd of cows working with the police to corner a fugitive long enough for them to capture her.

Police in Florida was engaged in a high-speed car chase trying to stop two suspects who stole the car. However, the car had crashed which enabled the police to detain one suspect.

The other suspect ran into a pasture of cows where they were alerted of her presence and started to run after her. The cows cornered her and whilst she was able to evade attacks from the cows, the police got her in the end.

One of the CNN reporters took the opportunity to sneak in many cow puns and she was super proud of the ones she came up with, asking her partner to let her finish her report.

Her partner, on the other hand, was less pleased about the puns as she was.

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