September 10, 2018

Creative stop motion music video goes on a journey through space, land and sea

Más Allá Del Sol is the first release from New Caracas on their upcoming album, NOS.

New Caracas is a multicultural Latin American inspired alternative band that explores the traditions of South America and Venezuela. The group was formed in Boston, 2012 and has welcomed new members to the band, which introduces a fantastic variety of styles.

They have a deep love of music and the freedom of expression it gives them, particularly as some members and collaborators of the band are immigrants and have incredible stories to tell. Más Allá Del Sol delivers a message of hope and encouragement for people to be able to do what they love.

The Venezuelan influence, along with a desire to tell stories forms the foundation for their music. The upcoming album explores the idea of making a home away from home and starting a life in a strange land, telling various stories from experience of Latin American immigrants.

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