May 16, 2018

Donald Glover really doesn’t want to answer this question about ‘This Is America’

Donald Glover has been very busy, with Season 2 of his multi-award winning TV show ‘Atlanta’ just wrapping up, the release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ just on the horizon and hot off the heels of his new single, ‘This is America’.

The new Childish Gambino track has attracted a huge amount of attention since its release just under two weeks ago. The attention has mostly centred around the music video, which contains some intense and thought-provoking imagery that has led to its analysis and deconstruction.

In an interview during the ‘Solo’ press junket, Glover was asked about some of the meaning in the music video, particularly at the end and he responds in the most artistic way possible. He believes it should just be “out there” and that it’s not his place to explain it.

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