February 23, 2016

Ed Sheeran had a $2 peep show in Melbourne and no one went to see it

Recently in Melbourne, Ed Sheeran held a special peep show wherein the price of admission for a 30-second private concert was $2. You’d expect fans to line up for that bargain, right? WRONG.

The peep show, which was arranged by radio presenters Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, involved Sheeran patiently waiting inside a dark and shady establishment along King Street. Hamish – dressed up as an equally shady promoter – tried to invite people in but to no avail. Understandably so.

‘I think one of the big problems is that people think Ed Sheeran is a code word for a new drug’, Blake said.

The waiting lasted for more than 2 hours until finally, a couple went in and got the biggest surprise of their lives. Soon enough, a few more customers came in and got to see Ed Sheeran live – and in thongs no less!

‘That’s the best f***ing $2 I ever spent’, one attendee said perfectly.

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