August 14, 2018

Gunpowder and AR: These artists are using anything but paint for their artwork

Art can be made in whatever way an imagination can conjure, but there are some creative people who bring these incredible ideas to life.

These are some of our favourite out-of-the-box ways of creating art.

Manu Topic is a rock balancer, and one of the best at what he does. As the name suggests, it involves painstakingly balancing rocks on top of each other in creative ways with no other assistance. The patience and dedication necessary creates a truly delicate, satisfying, hypnotising form of art.

Dino Tomic is a multi-talented artist who makes art using tattoos, pencils, water, table salt and… gunpowder! The Norwegian artist has a fast-growing following due to his affinity for depicting pop-culture icons.

As artificial reality becomes more and more common, artists are frequently finding ways of creating interesting and interactive art. The Artist crew known as WERC has taken street art to the world of AR. They spray-painted five different pieces and digitised them, projecting them onto a base layer.

The well-known international pastry instructor, Amaury Guichon is an artist in his field. He makes mouths water all over the world with his incredible, edible works of art.

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