October 12, 2015

Guy proposing to his girl while on a rollercoaster is absolutely thrilling

At the Holiday World amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana, Austin Crecelius proposed to his girlfriend Allison Boyle in the most exciting, heart-pumping way he knew how: while riding a roller-coaster.

The video, filmed by friends in front of them, shows Crecelius breaking out into a speech about love and rollercoasters before popping the question.

‘At one point in time you had mentioned to me that life is like a roller coaster’, he said. ‘It’s got its up and downs, it’s got twists and turns, and it even throws you for a loop sometimes. You can go by yourself, but it’s a lot more fun to go with another person. So I wanted to ask you if you want to be my roller coaster buddy. Allie will you marry me?’

And of course, the girl said yes – just right before the big 90-degree drop! Once they got off the ride, Crecelius got down on one knee and proposed again, this time with a real ring (he used a fake ring on the rollercoaster just in case he accidentally dropped it).

And to top it off, the lucky guy wore a ‘She Said Yes’ shirt for the rest of their trip around the amusement park.

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