May 11, 2015

Guy walks through Shanghai as everyone else walks in reverse

It can be pretty easy to lose your individuality when you’re walking amongst a crowd of 24 million people. That’s why in his latest video, ‘Walk in Shanghai’, filmmaker JT Singh tries to set himself apart by walking forward as the rest of the city walks in reverse.

‘The peculiar reversal of the city’s movement against his own distinguishes his story from that of the other 24 million people taking 24 million walks in Shanghai’, Singh writes. ‘It’s through a heightened focus on one man’s seemingly unstructured journey that we discover the ultimate protagonist of this story: the transcendent power of using your legs for discovering a city’.

If you’re curious as to how they made an entire city walk backwards, it’s simply one guy walking backwards then reversing the footage. Here’s another video, this time of Tokyo.

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