June 22, 2018

Halloween has never looked so dazzling

Tiffany, known as Illumin_arty, is a talented hobbyist shapeshifter and makeup artist with a penchant for creepy designs.

Tiffany has just made the top 5 of the 2018 Nyx Face Awards UK & Ireland with her take on the theme ‘Punk’. At a cursory glance at her work, it’s not difficult to see that she tends towards striking, creepy, other-worldly pieces of work.

Having only been active for a relatively short time, Tiffany has made quick progress on social media, already amassing almost 30,000 followers on Instagram.

The finals of the Nyx Face Awards will take place later in the year. You can see the incredible work of Illumin_arty at: instagram.com/illumin_arty/

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