July 30, 2018

This incredible artist has a passion for creating miniature witches

Caroline McFarlane-Watts is a miniaturist, sculptor, and extremely talented artist who has developed a rather unique hobby – she has created a world of miniature witches.

Using her experience and background as a miniaturist for the film industry (known for assisting in creating the model of Hogsmeade village from the Harry Potter movie series), she has decided to pursue an awesome new passion project which has earned its own cult following.

Aptly named, Good Witches and Bad Witches, Caroline designs and hand-sculpts miniature witches out of clay at a 1:12 ratio.

Beginning as a series of fantasy books written and illustrated by Caroline herself, she has pursued it further to create a whole world of miniature sets and character maquettes.

This is a sneak peak at the behind-the-scenes of her inspiring process.

To find out more about CS McFarlane-Watts and her production company Tall Tales Productions, Click here!

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