August 31, 2018

Incredible EP and short film evokes a strong nostalgia by recognising life’s beauty and brevity

Hiraeth is a Welsh word which has no exact English translation but approximates to an intense nostalgia or homesickness for a home to which you cannot return.

It’s also the name of the beautiful second EP by singer/songwriter Joel Porter.

The music is inextricably linked to a stellar accompanying short film (by Bryan Hempstead) which perfectly illustrates the complex themes in Hiraeth.

The album was born from a sudden awareness of life’s cyclical patterns and the realisation that they will eventually be lost to time. It’s a deep and personal project that was written shortly after Porter’s engagement to his wife and recorded immediately following the death of his grandfather.

The piece features the excitement, beauty and newness in life, but also carries the weight, longing, nostalgia and desire to connect with the past. It acknowledges the beauty of the temporary.

It’s also Porter’s own journey in letting go, his graceful acceptance of change and a peace in waiting for what is yet to come.

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