April 23, 2018

INSANE footage of a Nepalese car driving through a waterfall will turn your stomach

We’re not quite sure if they built a road through this waterfall, or if the waterfall appeared on this road out of nowhere, but whatever the case, the driver of this overloaded car has some serious guts.

The unbelievable footage shows off an insanely powerful waterfall crashing down onto a narrow mountain road before continuing to flow off the other side. As outlandish as this it, the footage continues to show a car boldly drive through the torrential river-road, before revealing a nonchalant Nepalese driver listening to the radio as if it was just a regular Sunday drive.

If that wasn’t enough, the skilled driver navigates one of the most gut-wrenching tracks of the Himalayas with a seriously overloaded ute. The footage shows seven people crammed inside the small car, with at least three more riding in the tray.

The waterfall lies on a popular tourist track called the Annapurna Circuit which experiences drastically different conditions depending on the season.

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