May 25, 2018

John Oliver had an absolute blast roasting the Royal Wedding

The “Last Week Tonight” host poked plenty of fun at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Sunday, taking shots at the Queen and the American press in the process.

John Oliver spent a little section of his show roasting the newlywed couple deliciously, making it obvious he’s not the biggest fan of the royal shenanigans. The comedian even went on to joke about the very awkward reactions of Queen Elizabeth as she listened to the sermon from Bishop Michael Curry.

Oliver said in jest the queen was reacting as if she had been offered a $5 Taco Bell Chalupa Cravings Box.

The HBO host also made a hilarious montage of the cringe-worthy British impersonations the American press did in occasion of the royal event, some going as far as venturing into very awkward cosplay territory.

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