April 23, 2018

Barry Cassidy just RIPPED Kelly O’Dwyer to shreds in this genuinely painful interview

The royal commision into Aussie banks has led to a number of disgraceful revelations this month, which isn’t making things any easier for the federal government.

Having dragged their heels on pulling the trigger for a royal commission into the conduct of banks, despite showing in the past that they were happy to approve them for other issues, the Turnbull-government now have a slightly awkward situation on their hands.

Not least, financial services minister Kelly O’Dwyer.

The member for Higgins appeared on the ABC’s Insiders program and was hounded by host Barrie Cassidy as to whether her party was wrong to delay their approval.

In a truly agonising 13-minute interview, O’Dwyer continually refused to agree that her previous stance on the matter had been proven wrong by the various revelations to have emerged from the royal commission.

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