January 20, 2016

Koala is kicked out of his tree, throws the most epic tantrum we’ve seen!

Put those headphones on and turn up the volume — you’re about to be treated to the soothing sounds of koalas in South Australia. Oh, we kid. If you’ve never heard a koala throw a tantrum after being kicked out of a tree, you’re about to experience one of the creepiest sounds known to man.

This video shows the two koala frenemies fighting it out for a gum tree, only for the smaller one to get booted by a huffing and puffing mean old grumpy koala.

The koala who gets kicked out puts on quite the tanty — obviously pissed off that his mate wants alone time. But it’s the heavy grunts heard from up the tree by the alpha koala that really creeps you out.

Don’t feel too sorry for the lil koala that was kicked out of home, though. Come nighttime he was back in his branch again!

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