June 12, 2018

Meet Ruby Gill, our new favourite addition to the Aussie music scene

Meet Ruby Gill – one of the biggest voices on the Melbourne scene captivating all who listen.

Born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Ruby made the move to Melbourne and to start her extremely promising musical career.

Her debut album, Older, is a collection of songs about privilege and great dane tongues; it’s about stories through clenched teeth – with piano keys and rusted strings and without any fear of feeling things. It’s a soundtrack to this generation’s attempt at adulting.

Older is an amazing song which showcases her incredibly moving voice and meaningful lyricism.

‘Time flies when you’re having fun. But time also flies when you’re not having fun, or too much fun – in fact, some of life’s events age us grotesquely, as though years had passed in the confines of a hard relationship, or shitty childhood memory. And the modern world is pretty full to the brim of shitty childhood memories. But true maturity is about celebrating the ageing, leaning into the punches, and somehow keeping a straight face throughout it all,’ says Ruby Gill on her album.

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