May 17, 2018

Michael Keaton ends epic graduation speech with two PERFECT words

The Oscar-nominated actor returned to Kent State campus to give a poignant speech full of insightful career advice and curious anecdotes, closing his appearance with life-changing enlightenment expressed in just two words.

Michael Keaton enrolled at Kent State in 1971 to major in journalism and speech, but later dropped out to become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable talents of the last 30 years,

The lauded actor returned to Kent for the first time in 1985 to speak at an event in the University’s student centre, and back then he said he hoped to return someday to address the students once more.

On last May 12th, 33 years later, Keaton returned, at last, delivering a speech full of good advice and witty remarks. But the definitive highlight were the two words he used to close his discourse.

We delved hard into seminal religious and philosophical texts in order to research for this piece. We deconstructed the Tibetan Book of the Dead, read through of all the famous works from the Epicureans, and watched two weeks straight of Ellen DeGeneres shows.

Shockingly, we discovered that all of these teachings agree on something. That Keaton’s last two words are so powerful, uttering them repeatedly can change space-time itself, wipe out your student debt, improve your sex life and help you land your dream job.

Yes, it’s all true. We promise you’ll not be the same after watching this video. You’re welcome.

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