May 18, 2018

Interviewer blows Ryan Reynolds away with a priceless souvenir from his childhood

How do you impress a guy like Ryan Reynolds?

The Deadpool phenomenon’s star has soared in recent years out of the ashes of previous, mediocre depictions of the infamous character (we’re looking at you X-Men Origins) and less than favourable turns in other superhero works such as The Green Lantern.

It took some convincing from Reynolds and the public to sway studios into believing that the Deadpool character could work as a film franchise, and they’re now reaping the rewards.

Yet one interviewer showed he’d always been a Deadpool believer.

While on the red carpet for the series’ second edition, an IGN interviewer took the opportunity to show Reynolds the fifth-grade book report he had written on Deadpool.

And Reynolds’ reaction was priceless.

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