August 10, 2018

Is this the most satisfying balancing act you’ve ever seen?

Meet Pontus Jansson- a Swedish artist who is more attuned to the natural world than most.

By using his skill and vast experience, Jansson builds sculptures and creates impromptu installations all over the place – by balancing rocks on top of each other.

Whilst is is an extremely difficult task, which relies heavily on patience and understanding of geometrical shapes and gravity, Jansson makes it look effortless, creating most stone stacks in under ten minutes.

These stone stacks are also known as cairns; and are traditionally used to mark a path in places where there is a lot of barren landscapes, such as mountains or grassy planes.

However, they also make for amazingly beautiful and aesthetic art pieces.

If you want to see more of Pontus Jansson’s work, make sure to check out his Instagram!

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