May 17, 2018

Star Wars cast roll up to Cannes in the most epic way

The screening for Solo: A Star Wars Story is happening in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival today – ten days before it premieres anywhere else in the world.

The Cannes Film Festival is usually a festival that is reserved for the greatest films, or potential Oscar nominees, so the fact that the film is airing there means that Disney and the film’s creators are confident that the film they made is going to do well.

However, with the production of the film having many issues (such as a change in director’s part way through) would it be able to live up to the hype?

Cannes crowds are known for heckling and booing anything they don’t like, or is even remotely for mainstream audiences – so will it be successful airing in such a prestigious festival? We can only find out as the festival continues.

The stars rolled up to the red carpet in confidence, their posse even including a full-size Chewbacca and a squadron of Storm Troopers lining the red carpet.

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