April 17, 2018

These stunning sculptures disappear in front of your very eyes

Julian Voss-Andreae uses his experience and study of quantum physics to create incredible sculptures that dissapear.

Of course they don’t actually disappear, but make use of an optical illusion depending on what angle you are looking at it. However, the process is as technical as it is awesome to look at- which is where the artists scientific experience comes in handy. Julian uses a mixture of 3D scanning, software design, laser cutting and welding in order to create these sculptures- a lengthy process that requires a team to complete, but is necessary for it’s incredible design.

The optical illusion is caused by the series of metal slabs that the sculpture is made of, all placed and held together perpendicular to each other. This is what allows it to look solid from most angles, but if you look dead on from the front or the back, looks almost invisible.

Click here to check out Julian Voss-Andreae and his other works!

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