May 1, 2015

Stunning time-lapse video of Norway’s west coast will leave you breathless

If you can believe it, this incredible time-lapse video of Norway’s west coast was not taken by a professional filmmaker. In fact, it was taken by civil engineer Thomas Berge, and was carefully shot over three years.

He explained his project to Fstoppers, saying: ‘The footage in the film is mostly from locations around where I live, and then I also visited some key locations that I wanted to include (Windmills, Stavanger locations, etc.). Most of the footage was also captured in the evenings as I’ve usually been out once the kids were asleep. Luckily the sun is up until 10:30 PM during the summer here, so there have still been a lot of possibilities to get some nice scenes’.

If this video doesn’t make you want to pack your bags for Norway, nothing will.

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