May 3, 2018

Take a peek at the insane bullfighting games practiced in the South of France

While in Spanish “corridas” the bull is sacrificed at the end of a long and bloody confrontation with the bullfighter, in France, a bull can provide spectacle unharmed for a decade.

In areas like Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Bayonne, and La Camargue, bullfighting is an all-ages-entertainment, celebrated in events called “ferias” in which spectators volunteer to play insane games with the powerful beasts.

Among the many games played, that are more resembling of a Japanese game show than anything else, there’s this bonkers one in which two groups of participants line up in a human centipede and dispute a peculiar crawling race from one end of the ring and back again.

The objective is to complete the course while attempting to not being stampeded by the bull, which in the case of this video, appears to be a beautiful black young heifer.

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