November 18, 2015

The terrifying moment two bros are chased off the golf course by a kangaroo

It sounds like the start of a horror movie: ‘Connor! CONNOR! CONNNOOR!’ Blood curdling screams from a young man on the golf course. But what is lurking behind those gum trees? A giant kangaroo! Well, it is Australia, after all. As Connor’s friend begs for him to get his butt in the golfing cart, Connor stays on the Hervey Bay golf course a little too long and ends up running full-speed to get away from a very determined kangaroo. Even as the golf cart is taking off, that kangaroo is right behind — probably licking his lips at the thought of a delicious pot roast made out of these two young golfers.

Note: We’ve been told that the golfers were not hitting balls at the kangaroo at the time of this video, so no ‘roos were hurt in the filming of this very funny/terrifying video.

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