April 10, 2015

This husky can throw a tantrum better than your average 2-year-old

Huskies are renowned for their howling, but not so much for their dog park tantrums… until now. You’ve probably seen the way a 2-year-old child acts when it’s time to leave the playground or a fun party-leg stomping, tears, and a whole lot of ‘no’. Well, this husky isn’t that much different.

Watch the video and you’ll see this poor pooch upset that his human mum is telling him to leave the dog park, even though all his furry friends are stilling playing and having a great time. After his mum calling him a few times and the husky refusing to move, all of the husky’s friends finally leave the dog park and the tantrum-throwing husky finally gives up.

And get this-you can hear the husky’s owner saying he does this every day! What a patient owner.

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