September 30, 2015

This is Jimmy the therapy kangaroo, he wears nappies AND human clothes!

This adorable little kangaroo is named Jimmy. He wears nappies and humanclothes  but he’s 100% red kangaroo, going on 9 months. Jimmy is special in that he lives with his humans in a caravan and has helped Diana Moyer during her fight with cancer. She got Jimmy as a 3-month-old joey so she could ‘deal with’ him instead of focusing on her cancer. Diana says: ‘We watch TV together and we sleep together, he wakes me up every two hours to make sure I’m okay. Jimmy gives me so much love’. Aww!

Diana and her husband Lary have taken care of kangaroos for 8 years now and while Jimmy’s home is in the caravan right now, he’ll soon graduate to the outdoors and live amongst his kanga relatives.

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