June 12, 2018

What if we told you… these balloons aren’t real?

Daniel Fahlström aka “Huge” is a Swedish Street Artist who  creates a very specific kind of art.

The wall muralist creates photo-realistic foil balloon-words on backdrops.

They are so realistic in fact, that many people have easily mistaken these balloons to be actually real. It’s an incredible optical illusion which relies on the background of the ‘balloons’ and the incredible attention to detail – such as the shadows and wrinkles.

For his process, Huge takes a photo of the balloons in question against the backdrop wall and takes a photo. He then uses just that as a reference, creating the work using only spray paint.

He calls this line of work ‘Helium Graffiti’, named after the helium balloon he paints, of course. Huge has made several attentive public wall paintings both in his home country of Sweden, and across the world.

The artist has worked in multiple US states, Canada, Honduras and Australia.

For more of Huge’s work, check out his website and Instagram.

This video was filmed at Wallery Gallery on a FlyMotion Flastighet.

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