October 15, 2018

Vibrant urban art, decay, lights and choreography are as incredible as the eclectic music

“Shattered on the Inside”, is the single from ash.ØK’s innovative studio album titled “The Unraveled”.

Philadelphia producer/songwriter ash.ØK produces music from an eclectic and creative mix of genres including electronica, trap, hip-hop, folk, blues, and ambient. The album examines themes of melancholia and the dissolution of love within intimate relationships.

The clip for Shattered on the Inside was filmed in an abandoned warehouse in Philadelphia and musically tells the story of a couple out on the town, trying to shout down the issues that pervade their relationship. This destructive pattern is mirrored in the music video.

The shots of vibrant street art, urban decay, and intricately choreographed and mesmerising dancing are numbing momentarily, but like the couple, at the end of the song we are brought back to reality.

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