June 25, 2018

This video will compel you to drop everything and book a one-way ticket

Travel videos on the internet are a dime a dozen – social media, smartphones and GoPros have made sure of that. But there are few that are of this quality.

Jesse Willem’s travel video, ‘Venture Onward’, is a cut above the rest, featuring some impressive craftmanship that some similar videos lack.

It’s a far cry from the standard travel compilation filmed on a GoPro, edited on iMovie, cut together using the old ‘hand over the camera’ transition and standard royalty free music.

Willem made sure that when he packed his bag he had a DSLR, glidecam and three lenses to capture his ten-month adventure.

It’s fortunate that he did because it led to a truly breathtaking video that taps into a wanderlust many people have. I dare you to come up with a reason not to jump on a plane right now.

Keep up with Jesse’s continuing adventures via his seriously impressive Instagram.

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