July 12, 2018

Waleed Aly and Lisa Wilkinson get into a heated feud over church child abuse laws

A new proposed law has been circulating the news requires priests to report people to the police, who have confessed to child abuse during confession. The Project did a segment about this and the push for this law, which has been stalled in South Australia, to proceed in Victoria.

The debate comes after Lisa Wilkinson applauded the law and said this law was the right step in stopping child abuse. However Waleed Aly debated that this particular step would not work as they are essential forcing priests to make the decision to give up their faith or dodge a $10,000 fine. Breaking the confessional seal is a forbidden for a priest and if they have been found guilty, they could be excommunicated from the church.

Whist he is in no way against stopping child abuse, he just doesn’t see the feasibility of this law as priests have already come out to say they will remain silent as to not break the sacred seal.

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