May 17, 2018

World’s worst pilot can’t even make it through the runway without crashing into another plane

The clip captures the moment when two jets from the Turkish Airways fleet collide on the ground at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

A taxing Airbus A330 sliced through the tail of a stationary Airbus A321 jet last Sunday afternoon, in what appears to be a joint blunder between the pilot of the taxiing aircraft and ground crew. The moving Asiana A330 was bound for Seoul while the A321 was parked at its gate.

The crash caused a fire on the A321, prompting fire crews to rush to the scene.

While the A330 will be able to fly again soon after extensive wing repairs, the awkwardly parked A321 might not fly again as the whole tail and part of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) were destroyed.

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