May 15, 2018

Reporter forgets she is live on air, makes the world’s worst recovery

It’s a blooper as old as broadcasting itself, but there is something about a reporter forgetting they are on air that is just genuinely hilarious.

Russian television reporter Maria Ryabova is the latest journalist to join the ever growing list, footage of her clumsily ditching her jacket as she realises the broadcast has begun is going viral.

As the camera begin’s to broadcast, Maria’s producer yelled at her from off-screen to “Take off your coat! Throw it on the ground!”

To be fair to Miss Ryabova, the city she was reporting from, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the Sakhalin Island in Eastern Russia, is a freezing cold place to be reporting from. All things considered, she maintained a dead-serious expression and good eye-contact throughout.

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